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JB Media Group Incorporated is a media company specializing in the development and operation of new media concepts.  Our mission is to strive for excellence and uniqueness of the products and services we offer.  Our core focus is new internet media/broadcast radio. While we continue to deliver some of the most highly rated radio stations available today, we are also exploring other exciting new media concepts. Our brand includes rich media production related elements, consulting and designing strategic advertising campaigns, as well as, networking with existing software and media developers. 

JB Media Group continues to revolutionize new media by proactively researching and aggressively discovering new media opportunities on a global scale utilizing the internet.  The models and structures of an ever evolving technological upsurge are what we represent.  In the near future, our site will be redesigned and improved to provide an outlet for our clients and potential partners.

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JB Media Group Incorporated owns and operates some of the largest and most influential Internet based broadcast radio stations in the world.

All of the above radio stations are streamed in Windows Media Player codecs.  You can download Windows Media Player from each of our radio stations websites.


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Founder/CEO & President - Joey B.
Cluster VP Of Operations - Perry Johnson

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